In 1785 The Daily Universal Register was founded, today known as The Times. It was a system off messages, on events happening around the globe. The workproces off people writing, collecting... printing and delivering was a well designed and planned flow. It was difficult and so people were willing to pay for this service and in the beginning competition was low. This paper was summarizing what people said in the world.

Spoiler alert : In 1786, one solar cycle after the launch, on exactly the otherside off the planet somebody realized only worlds, plain talking with a few plain numbers cannot be enough, it is only half off the story. If an event is taking place, and words are registered as equal to the event... There must be numbers equal to the event aswell and these numbers must - as Euclid prooves - equal to the words.

And so a (cor)responding Universal Register was created on numbers explaining, being events.

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