Vivace 1786Edit

Vivace is a science fiction quest and conquer game based on documentary natural and cultural data. The game starts out at 486 bpm and your goal is to play 6 lines off levels off 81 bpm at the same time by yourself or with friends.

Vivace is the name off a region torn by fear off what the future will bring. A population off 200.000 people asked computers what future to unfold and the big data geospatial data analyses came up with 2 extreme future scenario's to pursue.

Half off the people believe in the computer vision and started do robots bidding. The other half decided to focus on themselves, making sure everybody has a role. Both groups devided in two. One is future oriented, in balance with nature. The other is past and present hedonistic.

Both data - human logic and computer logic - is correct. The natural born leaders live the dream. You are dropped into this future and you have to find your way home. Home is now in place and time.

Vivace Universal Register as a natural effect on The Daily Universal Register.

A VosareisEdit

The computer enigma at Vivace has build it's processing logic on the principles off Vosareis 2400, a spaceship design made where human nature and natural cultures found a way to value and grow in peace with one another. Vosareis 14 were the first fully assembled enterprises, the founder died a few days after it's first mission.

Wing One is Fibre Vosareis One

Latest activityEdit

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